Burberry Ada Clutch | Black & White Herringbone Raffia Purse

Posted on: Dec 6

Burberry Ada ClutchBurberry abandons its usual Nova check for a much wilder herringbone print with this Ada clutch.

I didn't think I'd ever describe herringbone as wild either, but the treatment Burberry's used here is quite surreal. It reminds me of those optical illusions that make your eyes go all cross-eyed. The unusual print makes the classic black and white combination seem fun and fresh. It also distracts our eyes so much that we barely notice the bag isn't made from Burberry's favorite leather, but a much more casual raffia. The natural fiber is used well though. I love the way it's casually frayed around the curved flap, reminding us that this casual woven straw is the real deal.

I like the way the skinny black belt sets off the design, but I worried it might make the Ada difficult to use. Thankfully it's just an illusion that it wraps around the clutch's body. It's not really holding the flap down; a magnetic snap takes care of that. The Ada's dimensions are sizable but it's sophisticatedly slender. That makes it appear more dressed up than your average raffia clutch but it also compromises storage space. But since when do we buy a clutch for practicality?

Perhaps the answer to that question is, when it costs $750. That's the sort of price that makes us think we should have it all, at least when we're not getting luxury materials. I personally think it's too expensive for a raffia bag that doesn't even have functionality on its side, but its looks are so striking I can understand anyone who's still tempted!

More Features of This Burberry Herringbone Clutch

  • Calfskin lined interior
  • A detachable wrist strap
  • Measures 11 x 6 inches

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