Bulgari Natural 1910 Tote | Leather Trimmed Canvas Day Bag

Posted on: Aug 10

Bulgari dresses up the traditional canvas tote with this treat from its 1910 collection.

The natural toned chevron canvas is adorned with an art deco design and decorative script. The black pattern is accented by nut wrinkled calf leather trim. It really dresses up the tote, but it's not likely to be well received by animal lovers. Canvas bags are synonymous with green chic, but that design feature undermines the message.

It also sends the tote's price sky high. Even on eBay it's priced close to $800 big ones. For a canvas bag, that’s a whole chunk of change.

Thankfully it comes with more pockets than the average. An interior zip pocket, plus a couple of multifunction pouches do boost the value somewhat. And any purse so expensive deserves a dustbag, so it's nice to see one included here.

But the fact remains; this is one expensive canvas tote. Cashed up fashionistas may love to wear their Bulgari love over the shoulder while at the markets, but the rest of us can probably think of better uses for that much dough!

More Features of This Bulgari Chevron Canvas Tote

  • Light gold plated hardware
  • Dual 18 inch shoulder straps with a 9 inch drop
  • Measures 13.5 x 15 x 2 inches

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