British Grandma Outruns Teenage Handbag Thieves

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Teen Handbag

Three teens  got more than they bargained for when they stole the handbag of British grandmother Janet Lane. The 68-year-old used to be a champion athlete, and she wasn’t going to let them get away!

Janet gave chase when the youths stole her purse, which contained 100 pounds in cash, her cell phone, an umbrella, a first-aid kit, and a gift for a friend. The 100 meter sprint across a Devon park was easy for the former schoolgirl cross-country champ, even though she was wearing sandals!

The plucky pensioner managed to grab one of the boys by the collar. Visibly shaken, he dropped her bag and begged to be let go.

Those boys saw a little old lady and thought I was easy pickings, but there was no way I was going to sit there and let them get away with it. I was so angry when they took it. I had been to collect my pension and I had water rates to pay with that money,” Ms Lane told Times Online.

My first reaction was, ‘They are not having my bag’. I used to be a very good runner when I was younger so I just got up and ran after them.”

It sounds like those lads picked the wrong old lady to mess with!