Bourne Lara Suede Clutch | Decorative Gem Studded Purse

Posted on: May 20

Bourne Lara Suede ClutchBe an all out glamorpuss with this Bourne Lara clutch.

This is one of those purses that begs for a floor length gown. It just dreams of being paired with cascades of glittering diamonds, and a killer pair of heels. In essence, this is one for the real black-tie dos, for looking gorgeous and very expensive.

It happens to be that looking expensive in this case is the same as being expensive. This crackled metallic suede body doesn't come cheaply, and it is a good job that it looks really remarkable. Still, it would have to be quite an event to justify spending nigh on $200 just on the purse!

Of course, if you are willing to shell out then you do get a lot for your moolah. The main thing is, of course, that amazing gem covered clasp, which is incredibly decadent and yet really quite elegant. The comparatively plain body means you aren't overpowered by the sparkles, and ensures they really stand out.

With a convenient handle and decent amount of space, this is a beautiful purse that should help you make a real impact.

More Features of this Bourne Suede Clutch

  • Metallic suede exterior
  • Optional drop-in chain strap
  • Rhinestone covered clasp
  • Solid frame construction

Get this Rhinestone Lara Evening Bag:

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