Botkier Logan Shopper | Soft Leather Handbag with Zippers and Tassels

Posted on: Nov 3

I've counted myself among Botkier fans for some time now, but I'm starting to like the brand more and more as its newest handbags are released.

Some of the brand's styles just seems to get better as it evolves, and this Logan shopper is a perfect example, in my opinion. Soft leather, zippers, and tassels aren't new additions to the label's signature look, but seem a slightly better improvement upon other styles like the Jackie and Vixen of past seasons. I even kind of like the name better, though that has absolutely no bearing on the quality of design.

Although it's a fairly simple style of handbag, the Logan shopper has all the makings of a fashionable, well-made accessory. The high-quality, soft leather is what I would expect from a bag that costs a whopping $625. The understated details, however, are what make it current and chic.

Unlike some designs that take tassel and zipper features to the extreme and overwhelm a style, the Logan shopper simply adds a few here and there on the exterior. The tassels function as zipper pulls for the one horizontal and two vertical zippered pockets on the front. I'm not sure how practical two vertical zippered pockets that unzip all the way to the bottom of the bag would be, but they do add a little edge to this otherwise laid-back handbag.

More Features of the Logan Shopper

  • Measures 17.5 x 16 x 4 inches
  • Double handles with 7.5 inch drop
  • Magnetic closure
  • Exterior zippered pockets

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