Botkier Claims Kardashians Copied Trigger Bag | Sears Pulls Celebrity Sisters’ Handbag

Posted on: Aug 16

Kardashian & Botkier BagsThe Kardashian sisters' Kardashian Kollection hasn't even hit shelves, but already the socialite sisters have been taken to task over one of their handbag designs. Monica Botkier claims one of the leopard print purses sold through Sears stores is a copy of her Trigger Clyde satchel.

Media outlets are reporting the designer issued a cease and desist letter against the retail giant, although the Kardashians deny this and any wrongdoing. The sisters that their collection "independently created by Bruno Schiavi's company Jupi, who "is surprised about Botkier's allegation."

I can certainly see similarities in the two handbag designs. The diagonal zippered pockets on the front and the drawstring ties on the side pockets are key elements on both handbags. But a copy? I'm just not sure, as I've seen these elements on so many other bags. When does something infringe on copyright, and when does it simply follow the trends? When Christian Louboutin couldn't protect his recognizable red soles, does Botkier really have a leg to stand on?

There's also certainly a difference in price to consider. The most expensive bag in the Kardashian Kollection costs $94, but you'll spend around $600 on one of Botkier's Trigger Clyde bags. That's a real difference, and perhaps it would have been enough to drive sales away from Botkier and to the Kardashian label.

Sears has pulled the bag from their website and intend to investigate the matter thoroughly before accepting any more preorders. Do you think the Kardashians have a case to answer?

[Source: Celeb Dirty Laundry]

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