Blake Lively Rumored to Front Chanel Ads | Gossip Girl Turns Fashion Model

Posted on: Dec 9

Blake LivelyBlake Lively is reportedly the new face of Chanel handbags. While there's been no official confirmation from the French fashion house yet, E! Online reports the Gossip Girl star recently shot the advertisements in Paris. The gossip site also claims we'll see the commercials early next year.

Blake Lively is certainly one of the new breed of style icons, and her presence is compelling enough to hold an advertising campaign. She's also got all the right connections. She's pals with Vogue editor Anna Wintour, who escorted her to the recent Chanel couture show in Paris. She met Karl Lagerfeld there, and perhaps talked business. I'm sure Wintour would have put in a good word for her too!

She's also been a regular at Chanel fashion shows, although she doesn't seem to turn down too many invitations so that probably doesn't say a lot!

What do you think about the rumors? Would you like to see Blake Lively fronting a Chanel handbag campaign, or can you think of someone better?

[Source: NY Mag]
[Image Source: Wikipedia Commons]

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