Bike Tubes Become Bags with Balkan Tango | Hungarian Fashion Label Makes Handbags Green

Posted on: Aug 28

Balkan Tango is a handbag brand which believes in the old saying "one man's trash is another's treasure." The Hungarian fashion house has crafted accessories from everything from old vinyl LPs to used tarpaulin.

Today the label is focusing on handbags made from punctured bike inner tubes. They're no good for riding on anymore, but they do make black, street smart purses in all shapes and sizes. These designs probably won't appeal to girly girls, but they're sure to find favor amongst ladies who prefer carrying more unisex accessory. When you're traveling light look to the Sofia purse or Maribor wallet. The larger Budapest and Instanbul bags are more appropriate for everyday use.

Each one is made entirely in Europe following Fair Trade practices. They're hand cut and sewn in a Budapest workshop to guarantee their quality.

Balkan Tango might be making an impression on fashion fans around the globe, but its heart is at home. The company is passionately committed to local recycling efforts and the cycling community.

Balkan Tango bags are available in a range of retailers in Hungary, Germany, and Austria, and to global customers through Supermarket and the brand's online store.

[Source: Balkan Tango]

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