Big Business and Bloomingdale’s Boss Buys Carlos Falchi Luxury Handbag Label

Posted on: May 17

Retail giant Windsong Brands LLC has teamed up with Marvin Traub to purchase the luxury Carlos Falchi brand and its assets in a deal worth more than $5 million.

Windsong Brands secured the majority stake, while Mr. Traub, the former chairman and chief executive of Bloomingdale's, also invested some cash. The pair has a history of joint acquisitions after securing Ellen Tracey in 2008.

Carlos Falchi comes with a 37-year-old history, and annual profits of around $10 million.  The investors hope to reinvigorate the marque, and increase its distribution and licensing of other fashion items including footwear and jewelry.

"Clearly [the brand is] not as big as it will be in the next few years," said Mr. Traub, who also hopes to increase the label's international profile. "I believe very much in it."

The injection of fresh blood and passion can only be a good thing for Carlos Falchi fans worldwide.

[Source: The Wall Street Journal]
[Image Source: Neiman Marcus]

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