Big Buddha Studio Crossbody | Glitzy Pink Sequined Purse

Posted on: Nov 4

Big Buddha Studio Cross-BodyBig Buddha may have created its most outrageous purse yet with this Studio Cross-Body Bag.

The name calls to mind Studio 54, the New York discotheque frequented by a who's who of 80s celebrities. I doubt this bag would have looked out of place there, but it might not blend as seamlessly into your everyday life.

Something tells me its fans would prefer to stand out though. And they'll do just that with this sequin covered creation. The glittery plastic pink discs are complemented by the chunky silver chain strap. The shiny materials are designed to make the maximum impact, and they do.

The Studio is smallish, but Big Buddha knows we don't need much on the dance floor. Its interior has pockets for a cell phone and the sunglasses you'll need as you emerge from the club. The Studio's soft body allows us to cram a few extra items inside, although you won't want to go overboard. When it's full that chain strap will become even more uncomfortable to carry. But we all know beauty is pain, right?

At $89.95 this cross-body seems a little expensive for what it is, but if you spend your weekends hopping from the cocktail bars to the clubs you might see value.

More Features of This Big Buddha Sequined Cross-Body Bag

  • An extendable cross-body strap
  • Measures 9 x 8 x 3 inches
  • Made in China

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