Betsey Johnson Frill Me Up Leather Clutch | Studded Ruffled Pink Purse

Posted on: Apr 13

Betsey Johnson Frill Me Up ClutchBetsey Johnson's brand of flamboyance isn't for everybody, but you can't fault her commitment to her creative vision. I haven't always warmed to her frothy concoctions, but I can't help falling for this Frill Me Up Leather Clutch.

I think this clutch works because it's meant for retro 80s dance parties and karaoke nights rather than everyday occasions. Everything takes me back to my youth, from the sickly sweet pink leather to the tight girly frills. The silver studs bring it back to the present, but they're not edgy enough to undermine the clutch's retro vibe.

This is a fairly large clutch, so you could probably work it before five. It's got enough space to carry daytime essentials after all, including a wallet, set of keys, cell phone, and gloss. It's also well organized with a pair of open pockets and a zippered pouch for valuables. The lack of shoulder straps or wrist loops is a glaring omission though. This purse would have been much more versatile if we only had a hands-free carrying option.

Just make sure your outfit is neutral, as the Frill Me Up won't allow itself to be outshone. If you're wearing something more complicated than dark jeans or a little black dress I'd probably think twice.  Of course if you want to pair it with an 80s throwback frock you'll certainly make a statement!

Its high quality materials make the Frill Me Up's $168 price tag quite reasonable. However you'll probably need to consider how much use you'll get from it before you lay your money down.

More Features of This Betsey Johnson Ruffled Clutch

  • Fabric lined interior
  • Measures 11.5 x 7.5 x 0.5 inches
  • Also available in white

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