Behind the Scenes with Bottega Veneta Fall/Winter Advertising Video

Posted on: Aug 10

We've all admired Anna Jagodzinska, and those lush exotic handbags, in Bottega Veneta's new fall/winter advertisements. Now this video shows us just how these stunning shots were achieved.

The clip takes us behind the scenes with fashion photographer Steven Meisel and models Anna and Eddie Klint. It's a little short, which leaves the feeling we're simply scratching the surface. But I suppose the fashion house wants to maintain a little mystery!

The video's narrator is none other than Bottega Veneta's creative director Tomas Maier. He explains why he opted to work with Steven Meisel and his artistic vision for the advertisements. I only wish it came with subtitles. His accent is so thick and his voice so lush and resonant, it's hard to catch every word on the first listen.

Thankfully this video is about more than the words. It's also about the handbags, which are all on display in their decadent glory. No matter what language you speak, their beauty is universal!

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