Beef Jerky Chanel Purse | Arts Student Makes Real Meat Bag

Posted on: May 27

Chanel Beef Jerky Purse
When Lady Gaga wore her meat dress at this year's MTV Video Music Awards complete with matching raw meat purse, I thought it was both brilliant and hideous. I loved the drama of the controversial outfit, but I couldn't help worrying about the smell! Now Californian arts student Nancy Wu has created a more palatable version from beef jerky!

The student from Pasadena's Art Center College of Design stitched together sheets of the dried meat to create her Chanel replica. I don't normally condone designer replicas, but when they're done as cleverly as this it's hard not to get behind it!

The attention to detail is really extraordinary. Wu has even carefully crafted the iconic interlocking C and signature chain link handle. This purse may have taken a lot more time to create, but it's certainly a more affordable solution!

I probably wouldn't take this purse out on a hot day, but it could be a great conversation starter once the weather cools. And besides, you'll always have something to eat when you feel peckish on the run. How many designer bags offer that?

There's no word yet on Chanel's response to the bag, but surely the fashion house has to admire Wu's artistry. If she works as well with leather as she does with meat, perhaps she could be in line for a job!

[Source: Lost at E Minor]

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