Basil Makes Luxury Leather Man Bags for Real Men

Posted on: Jan 21

The world of man bags has always been a little lacking in my opinion. Many designers have tried to create stylish murses, but few have achieved the right blend of style, functionality, and above all, masculinity. The last thing we want to see is a man who looks like he's carrying his girlfriend's bag.

Basil Racuk looks to be breaking the mold with his fashion label, Basil. No stranger to the world of fashion, his menswear line was sold through Barneys and other retailers in the 90s. From there he moved to a leather company, where he learned all about the quality of these luxury skins. Using this knowledge, Basil has launched his line of handbags.

"My decision to get into accessories was that bags and such are an area where men (specifically) should given a product that is well-made and 'simply thoughtful' in its design," Basil Racuk told Luxist.

While his man bags are gaining the most attention, Basil also sells a large selection of women's purses. Each is handmade to order from Leffot in New York City and, starting tomorrow, Union Made Goods in San Francisco.

[Source: Luxist]
[Image Source: Basil Racuk]

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