Bagonia and Birch Creates Eco-Friendly Ethical Handbags and Accessories for Male and Female Fashion Fans

Posted on: Dec 20

Nicole MacDonald launched her environmentally friendly and socially responsible women's handbag label Bagonia in 2008. It wasn't long before she realized men love bags almost as much, and Birch was born.

Both brand's use a combination of organic and reclaimed materials and vegan leathers in all its handbags. Each purse comes with what Nicole calls "eco-fittings." Every one has as a secret compartment with three reusable grocery bags inside, and many have detachable clutch purses and easy-wash removable interiors.

With her designs Nicole aims to prove that "the overall stereotype that being eco-friendly has a certain look or applies to a type of person is just not true."

With its bike handle attachments, Bagonia's newest bag had to be called the Cycle-Chic. It's not just a stylish carrying accessory. It also looks to promote cycling as a green alternative to driving.

Bagonia and Birch bags are available in selected boutiques across America and online at the Her Niche eco-friendly products store.

[Source: San Diego News Network]
[Image Source: Her Niche Products]

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