Baggu Collaborates with Caitlin Mociun on Eco-Friendly Shoppers | Bahaus Patterned Green Totes

Posted on: Aug 16

Baggu Mociun Bags

New York designer Caitlin Mociun has teamed up with reusable shopping bag label Baggu for a colorful limited edition tote collection.

Mociun's Bahaus influenced patterns really liven up Baggu's reusable shopping bags. There are five different prints available, including black, tiles, and black and white zig zag.

As with all Baggu bags, the vibrant Caitlin Mociun designs are printed on ripstop nylon material. This material is compact when folded up and very lightweight, but made to withstand up to 25 pounds. That should ensure they won't break when they're filled up with groceries or gym gear. The nylon is also machine washable, so you needn't worry if your meat leaks on the way home from the farmer's markets!

We all know we should be using reusable rather than those evil plastic things. But what you might not know is the average consumer takes home 500 plastic bags a year. When you multiply that number by all the people on your street, in your neighborhood, and even on the planet you realize the sheer magnitude of the problem. That's a lot of plastic destined for landfill. Hopefully collaborations like this one will make reusable shoppers that much more attractive.

The regular Mociun for Baggu shopping tote bags cost $12, a $4 mark-up on the average Baggu totes. Alternatively you can buy a small zippered pouch set for $10, or a medium zippered pouch set for $14. They're all available for a limited time from the Baggu website.

[Source: Ecouterre]

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