Assouline’s New Tommy Hilfiger Book | Designer Celebrated in Limited Edition Volume

Posted on: Sep 5

American fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger is celebrated in an opulent new book from Assouline. The tome, from Assouline's Ultimate Collection, looks at the man and the brand behind the 25-year-old fashion label.

"This book is a culmination of my life's work, sharing some of my innermost thoughts throughout the years," said Tommy Hilfiger. "The Tommy Hilfiger brand has existed for 25 years, but I've been designing all my life. This book is the equivalent of me telling a friend about my family, how I got to where I am today, and where I want to go from here. My hope is that everyone has as much fun reading it as I did making it."

You'll need a pretty big coffee table to display this luxury book on, as it measures 14 x 17 inches. It has 144 pages and more than 200 illustrations, including 65 which are tipped in by hand. It all comes conveniently presented in a linen clamshell box adorned with a gold stitched flag logo. Just 1000 were made, so they're sure to become sought after items amongst Hilfiger fans.

You'll need to be flush to afford one though, as they're priced at $550. Do you love Tommy Hilfiger enough to contemplate spending that sort of money on the book?

[Source: Luxist]

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