Anya Hindmarch’s London Store Burglarized | Designer Deals with Loss for the Sixth Time

Posted on: May 5

Someone's either got it out for Anya Hindmarch or has a real thing for her handbag designs.

A smash-and-grab gang burglarized one of the designer's London stores on Monday. Unfortunately, this is the sixth time that the label's stores have been targeted.

Anya Hindmarch said of the incident, "I am devastated that we have been broken into once again.  Whilst I suppose it is flattering to think that there is a demand for our product, to be targeted so many times and have had such a great volume of stock taken is a real blow and disrupts our business."

I'm not sure I'd call it flattering, but it definitely seems inconvenient. The group of thieves has filched more than just Anya Hindmarch's goods though. This scooter-riding gang, armed with conspicuous window-breaking sledgehammers, have raided Chanel, Gucci, and Mulberry stores in the past. Creates quite a mental picture, doesn't it?

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[Image: forger/Flickr]

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