Anya Hindmarch Gym Kit Large Canvas Tote | Crisp Canvas Carryall With Quirky Print

Posted on: Mar 9

Anya Hindmarch Gym Kit Large Canvas ToteI feel like I spend the fall and winter seasons loving Anya Hindmarch and the spring and summer seasons wondering why. Perhaps it's because she actually designs her fall and winter offerings, while in spring and summer she seems to just mass produce a bunch of canvas totes and slap witty prints on them. They're slightly less expensive than last year's, but I'm still not buying.

The electric blue color of the canvas on this Gym Kit tote is bright and cheerful. And the bow-tied jump rope print is sweet, if not a bit kitschy. Honestly, it doesn't really look like a jump rope, it looks more like a floating pair of maracas and a ribbon, but hey, if this is what it takes to get you motivated to hit the gym, okay.

The shape is the same as all the other Hindmarch totes this season. It's a solid style, generously sized and well-constructed. It doesn't have a liner, which I find problematic, particularly because it's meant for sweaty gym clothes. The leather handles are durable, but they also prevent the bag from being washable, which I also think is kind of a problem.

Basically, what it comes down to for me, though, is price. I just don't see paying $125 for the little bit of cute this might add to my life. I'd rather invest in a couple of months of gym dues.

More Features Of The Anya Hindmarch Gym Kit Large Canvas Tote

  • 15” x 13” x 7" size
  • 8" strap drop
  • Internal zip fastening pocket

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