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Posted on: Jun 11

When I saw Anya Hindmarch's "Meat and Poultry" tote, I thought it was adorable and wished there were more like it. Well, sometimes wishes do come true. 

Here's another in the new line of totes by Hindmarch. This one is printed in dark pink ink with an old-fashion milk bottle and half dozen eggs. I really like the homespun charm of the graphics on these bags. It makes them look retro and just a little bit cozy. 

Also, the size is just right for errand running, or, yes you guessed it, grocery shopping. At 7" x 13" x 12", it's big enough to hold as much as you would actually want to carry. And the natural canvas material is not only strong and durable enough to withstand the wear of daily use, it's also totally washable for those inevitable spills. 

The leather handles, while also strong and durable, do keep the tote from being machine-washable. Or at least from being "technically" machine washable. I know you aren't supposed to throw leather in the machine, but I probably would anyways. Besides, that would make the straps nice and soft.

Any way you look at it, this is a great designer tote at a totally reasonable price. For $98, you usually can't buy much in the way of handbags, so I look forward to seeing all the designs in this new line of totes.

More Features Of The Anya Hindmarch Dairy Tote

  • 6" handle drop
  • Signature bow logo at top
  • Interior pocket

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