Antik Batik Nook Clutch | Large Tribal Envelope Purse

Posted on: Apr 4

Antik Batik Nook ClutchAntik Batik tones its tribal style down a few notches for its Nook clutch.

You could never accuse the Nook clutch of being tame, but its clean design and creamy beige color are more conservative than the details on many of the label's accessories. The large beaded motif pops against the sandy suede flap. The turquoise color used for the beads is picked up again in the long tassel and piping.

The Nook is a substantial size for a clutch purse, so you should be able to stash a few more items inside than you're used to. It's not so big that it will become unmanageable, but the zippered pocket is still a nice touch.

It is worth noting that there's no shoulder strap though. Modern girls have almost come to expect a chain, and its absence is disappointing. The Nook isn't so large that it'll be unwieldy to carry, but we all appreciate the option of strutting our stuff hands-free.

If you haven't warmed to Antik Batik's bold accessories before this wearable Nook might be the one to change your mind. At $285 it's no bargain, but its versatile design will help you get more for your dollar than your average Antik Batik purse.

More Features of This Antik Batik Suede Clutch

  • Lined in cotton
  • Measures 12.6 x 9.45 x 2.36 inches

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