Antik Batik Hida Baguette | Unusual Tribal Fringed Purse

Posted on: Mar 8

Antik Batik Hida BaguetteWild colors and a flurry of fringe ensures this Hida Baguette from Antik Batik is anything but boring!

There are an awful lot of elements here fighting for our attention. The pretty patterned panels have a folky charm, the beading has a tribal feel, while the pale suede fringe takes us to the Wild West. I'm not sure that any designer could make so many competing influences work well together on the one purse. I suppose it's admirable that Antik Batik has taken on such a challenge, but the resulting accessory will be too much for most tastes.

Honestly I can't think what you'd wear with the Hida. I immediately think of very plain neutral ensembles, but anywhere you're dressing so conservatively probably wouldn't be the right setting!

Strip away all that faff and you'll find a surprisingly functional baguette. Its zippered pocket is more practical than the tiny slips most baguettes offer, and its braided strap provides a hands-free carrying option.

Despite those practical perks, $185 seems an awful lot to spend on such a novelty purse. I suppose if your heart's set on it you won't find anything similar for less, but I can't imagine you'll carry it enough to justify the outlay.

More Features of This Antik Batik Beaded Baguette

  • Snap closure
  • Fully lined interior
  • A braided strap with a 22 inch drop
  • Measures 5.5 x 11 inches

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