Amish Leather Workers Make Man Bags for BillyKirk | Vegetable Dyed Accessories Get Better with Age

Posted on: Aug 9

BillyKirk's creates masculine looking murses with a splash of eco cred.

The label can't really be classed as green, as it does use leather in all its designs, but it does its best to make this luxury skin a bit more environmentally friendly. Each BillyKirk bag is handcrafted with domestic or Italian leather by Amish artisans in Pennsylvania. They then use vegetable dye to color the bags with time-honored techniques. This process is much more environmentally sound than chrome dying. To help the leathers age well, the skins are then hand-treated with natural oil and beeswax.

BillyKirk prides itself on the patina that develops on the leather in time. In fact, the label invites customers to send in photos of their favorite BillyKirk bags years after their original purchase. I'm sure those snaps help to encourage bag lovers to invest in the BillyKirk bags.

The murses aren't cheap, with most priced at a couple of hundred dollars, but they're quite reasonable for hand-crafted leather goods. Get yours at selected stores in North America, Europe, Asia, South Africa, and the United Kingdom, or shop online at the BillyKirk website.

[Source: Magnifeco]
[Image Source: BillyKirk]

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