American Airlines Loses Rachel Zoe’s Luggage | Stylist’s Suitcase Lost in Transit

Posted on: Dec 29

Rachel ZoeRachel Zoe's looked pretty calm in the paparazzi snaps from her current St. Barts vacation, but the celebrity stylist is probably seething. Page Six recently reported that American Airlines lost her "valuable valise" which was crammed with luxurious travel items.

Zoe reportedly touched down on the French Caribbean island with "only the duds on her back" according to The Post. That seems a bit strange as the news articles claim just one travel bag went astray, and Zoe regularly travels with ten or more cases. However perhaps she's learned the art of traveling light lately!

A collection of Missoni caftans and her vintage Tom Ford for Gucci leather jacket are amongst the expensive items that were lost on route. Not to mention that covetable suitcase!

The travel bag has been missing for a week, so it's anyone's guess whether it will be recovered at this stage. Thank goodness she's got an island paradise to enjoy while she's mourning the potentially permanent loss of her luggage. Can you think of a better excuse for a spot of holiday shopping though? There's never really a great time to lose your swag, but at least she can take advantage of the post Christmas sales!

[Source: Fashionista]
[Image Source: Christopher Macsurak/Wikipedia Commons]

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