Alexia Hollinger Turns Vintage Silk Scarves Into Feminine Handbags

Posted on: Apr 24

Parisian designer Alexia Hollinger has turned her love of silk scarves into a flourishing handbag business.

Purses made from vintage scarves are her trademark. The silk fabrics give the bags a soft, feminine feel and vintage sensibility. While Alexia's Parisian boutique has many of these luxurious totes and bags, she's also happy to create custom purses for her customers. Interested bagistas can browse the large collection of silk scarves for just the right one.

While the silk purses are Alexia Hollinger's most popular, she's also recently dabbled in bags made from leather pants and military jackets. These have a much edgier look than her scarf bags, perfect for projecting an air of urban confidence!

We aren’t all lucky enough to visit Alexia Hollinger's Parisian boutique, but fans around the world can shop for her pretty purses online. I might wish for a customized silk scarf handbag, but with several collections represented there's still plenty to choose from.

[Source: NY Times]
[Image Source: Alexia Hollinger]

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