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Posted on: Apr 1

Stella McCartney Adidas Pack Away ToteStella McCartney chooses simplicity over flash with this Pack Away tote from her line for Adidas.

Stella McCartney's Adidas products are rarely head-turners, but few are as unassuming as this tote. Its shape is tried and true, and its aqua body free of frills. However it's got a few hidden perks which make it worth a second look.

Stella McCartney's materials are always animal friendly, but few are as green as this recycled polyester. By opting for the recycled material Stella McCartney's minimized her carbon footprint. We can only hope it was colored using water-based dyes or another eco alternative to those traditional chemicals!

The Pack Away's fabric is far from fragile, but there are small feet on the base to protect it anyway. The interior is minimalistic, but there is a small removable pouch to help us separate coins and valuables from the rest of our cargo.

The lack of any kind of closure seems like a real oversight though. While the flat base should keep our items contained when the Pack Away's set down, security is still compromised. A zip or magnetic clasp would have made all the difference.

It seems like nit picking to find fault with any bag costing just $40 though. It's far from the height of fashion or functionality, but it does its job for relatively little money.

More Features of This Adidas by Stella McCartney Recycled Polyester Tote

  • Polished hardware
  • Dual shoulder straps with a 9.5 inch drop
  • Measures 13 x 7 x 14 inches

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