25togo’s Cute Message Messenger Bag | Designer’s Novelty Laptop Bag

Posted on: Jan 18

25togo Message Messenger Bag25togo has released a messenger bag that really lives up to its name.

The Message Messenger embraces communication of the past and present, with an air-mail envelope printed on one side and the black trimmed flap creating an e-mail icon on the other. Its nylon cloth material isn't very luxurious, but it is durable and waterproof.

That water resistant property is great news for tech addicts wanting to make use of the large bags' laptop partition. This space is shockproof and scratch resistant, so your computer will reach your destination in tip top condition.

If you don't need to carry your laptop, you might prefer the medium version. It's $10 cheaper than the large bag at $119, which is a blessing for girls on a budget.

25togo's Message Messenger Bag is available in white and orange from Generate, an online store which offers free shipping to all American and Canadian customers.

[Source: Generate]

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