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Posted on: Sep 18

This is the first in a series of articles introducing you to the vintages styles of different eras, and showing you some of the best vintage inspired handbags on the market. To begin with, the brilliant era of life-changing politics and dramatic prohibition that produced flapper girls - the fabulous 1920s.

The 1920's, especially from 1925 onwards, were known as the "roaring 20s", and as such is characterized by the Charleston, evenings spent dancing despite the alcohol prohibition, and women rebelling against repression. There probably were day bags, but the real prized possessions to accompany complex flapper dresses and elegant feather boas were the delicate beaded art deco evening bags.

Beading of any description is enough to instantly make your bag look 1920s. If you really want to rock the vintage handbag look, however, then choose handbags that match the dress styles - delicately patterned, often scalloped, or long and straight. Metal mesh was also popular, so Whiting and Davis bags are a great option to buy on the High Street.

So what are the best 1920s inspired vintage handbags around?

Victorian Embellished Rose Pouch Purse in Beige

1920s Beaded Purse

1920s beaded purse

Perfect for weddings, this elegant decorated purse features beading and tassels around the base, combined with organza detailing and a vintage style metal clasp. Perfect to go with those long light colored lace or beading flapper dresses - or a modern cream suit to give it a vintage twist!

Handmade Beaded Evening Handbag in Silver

Art Deco Scallopped Purse

Art Deco Scalloped Purse

Art deco was one of the most beautiful and inspiring art movements of the early 1900s, and it easily found its way into fashion and architecture. This beaded art deco evening bag shows the scalloped style and great shapes off to their very best, even though the chain handles were a little bit too breakable!

Handmade Beaded Evening Peacock Purse

Delicate Beaded Peacock Purse

Delicate Beaded Peacock Purse

For a really fancy night out, no era beats the sheer decadence of the 20s. The depression may have been just around the corner, which many say feels like today, but this wasn't enough to stop the flappers and the dapper lads dancing around with impressively detailed beading on their bags, like this little evening bag that features the turquoises and greens so common in the makeup of this era.

What Else to Wear?

To rock the vintage 1920s look, team a sexy 1920s bag like the above with a

, a

and a hell of a lot of attitude. Walking the walk is as much a part of it as talking the talk with flapper girl styling!

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