Versace’s Year of the Dragon Handbags | Limited Edition Chinese New Year Bags

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Versace Year of the Dragon Bag

Versace Year of the Dragon BagVersace is the latest high end label to release a limited edition purse line to commemorate the Year of the Dragon. The Italian fashion house joins Coach and Bally in ringing in the Chinese New Year.

The structured design is clearly influenced by the opulence of Imperial China, with its golden dragons, pendant and gem lined gold handle, and classic embroidery. The European baroque gold leaf print is a nod to Versace’s Italian roots. A golden plate inside each bag is engraved with the words “Year of Dragon 2012 Limited Edition” and its individual sequence number.

Personally I think the design is a bit over the top, but I’m sure that flamboyance will find a market amongst Versace fans.

Versace offers the design in black leather and red python versions. There are 210 of the black ones available, and just 60 of the snakeskin purses. The black versions cost 31, 800 yuan, or roughly $5000 US, and no prices have been announced for the red exotic alternatives, so they’ll probably max out your credit cards.

Unlike the other Chinese New Year releases though, we’ll need to take a trip to Asia to get our hands on Versace’s Year of the Dragon Limited Edition Jewel Handbag. They’ll be available exclusively through selected Versace stores on the continent.