Tintamar Designs Easy Travel Vest Bag | Unusual Practical Convertible Tote

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Tintamar Easy Travel Vest

Tintamar Easy Travel VestAlexander Wang surprised us a couple of seasons ago when he released the Bianca bag, a handbag which doubled as a vest. Now French accessories label Tintamar has revisited the concept with its Easy Travel Vest Bag.

The Easy Travel Vest Bag has a bit more mystery about it than the Bianca. Wang’s creation always looked like a vest, but Tintamar’s starts out as a zippered pouch. It then folds out to become a tote, and unzips to become a practical sleeveless jacket.

The Easy Travel Vest isn’t as luxurious as Wang’s leather creation, but its nylon twill material should stack up to some serious punishment. Four large pockets are built into the front, and there’s another enormous one on the back for holding a magazine, tablet, or notebook computer. Personally I’m not sure I’d trust such precious technology to pockets in the back, but at least they have zippers to keep items secure. A drawstring allows us to cinch in the Easy Travel Vest at the waist.

The Easy Travel Vest isn’t the height of fashion in vest mode, but it’s lightweight and comfortable to wear. I imagine it’d be a great accessory for a day of sightseeing or a shopping spree. And if you’re really worried about style, it’s worth remembering that it doesn’t look half bad in tote mode.

The Easy Travel Vest is available in black and taupe colors and sizes small to extra large. It’ll hit the usual travel retailers soon.