Tignanello Safari Cross-Body Bag | Croc-Embossed Red Leather Purse

Posted on: Feb 17

Tignanello Safari Cross-Body BagTignanello has looked to the wilds of Africa for inspiration with this cross-body Safari bag.

The purse gets its name from the leather's embossed finish, which resembles crocodile scales. We've all seen this kind of texture before, but I'm a bit torn about the effect here. The scales are very large, too large to appear realistic. But they are well rendered, and they add some interest to an otherwise fairly ordinary purse. Perhaps we just need to adjust our expectations a little. As a crocodile impersonator the Safari lets us down, but as a purse with an interesting finish it's a success.

This cross-body is made for girls who love a place for everything, and everything in its place. We have two zippered pockets on the front and another on the back, and that's all before we even open it up! There are more pockets inside, which are trimmed with leather to survive daily use.

The long strap allows us to sling this purse across our body and get on with our day. I appreciate its length, but I wish it was wider. That Skinny Minnie strap is bound to drag down on your shoulder when the Safari's loaded up. Traveling lightly should alleviate some of the pressure, but do you really want a bag that's space isn't usable?

At least Tignanello got the price right. The $109 retail value is just what I'd expect to pay for a leather bag of this quality, even if it does have a few design flaws.

More Features of This Tignanello Croc-Embossed Cross-Body Bag

  • Top zip closure
  • Fully lined interior
  • Measures 2 x 11 x 10 inches

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