Tignanello Color Me Classy Satchel | Retro Brown Leather Satchel

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Tignanello Color Me Classy Satchel

Tignanello Color Me Classy SatchelTignanello takes us back to the 70s with this Color Me Classy satchel.

I’m not sure it’s quite as classy as its name suggests, but the combination of tan and chocolate brown has a charming sense of nostalgia. It’s very 70s, but with that decade enjoying a fashion renaissance it’s also surprisingly on trend. The white piping helps the earthy tones really pop.

Tignanello’s leather is thin and a bit too shiny to really impress, but it’s not a bad material for the money. At $159 this satchel is more affordable than most leather bags on the market, and it should survive longer than the synthetics we see at this price.

The functional design also helps to win us over. It’s as large as we would want a day bag to be, with enough pockets to make the space manageable. And if you’re craving more room remember the zippered pocket on the back.

The rolled handles suit the bag’s retro vibe, but they’re a shade too short for easy carrying once the bag is full. Thankfully Tianni’s also added a cross-body strap to help us out. The satchel doesn’t look as authentic when this is applied, but we won’t mind too much when we’re on the go.

More Features of This Tignanello Retro Satchel

  • Top zip closure
  • Fully lined interior
  • A removable strap with a 14 inch drop
  • Measures 5.2 x 12.2 x 10 inches

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