Porsche Design’s New Lean BriefBag | Streamlined Luxury Office Briefcase

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Porsche Briefbag

Porsche BriefbagPorsche Design has created a new briefcase for business folk who like to streamline their workdays. The Porsche Design P2150 2.2 Lean BriefBag minimizes wasted space with its “lean management” design approach.

Porsche has done its research here. It realized that most briefcases contain too much excess space, which leads to overfilling with unnecessary bits and pieces.

With this new BriefBag, there’s a place for everything, so you’ll always have everything in its place. For example, there are colored markers on the pen loops so you’ll quickly realize if one is missing. The large outer pockets are also designed with travel documents like tickets and passports in mind.

With the design for the lean briefcase, we wanted to transfer our experience as business consultants to a tool that would be used by managers every day. After we launched the prototype, purely as a study, in our customer magazine, many of our readers wanted to order the bag and the sooner the better. That is why we are thrilled that our sister company, Porsche Design, has developed the prototype and brought it to market,” said Eberhard Weiblen, Chairman of the Management Board at Porsche Consulting GmbH.

The BriefBag also comes with a removable meeting bag inside. It’s large enough for a laptop and documents, so you can easily carry it to the boardroom without taking all of your belongings with it. As if that wasn’t enough, there’s also an extra tech bag for your mouse, USB drive, and computer cables.

No release date or price has been announced, but with the Porsche name attached I’m betting this office bag doesn’t come cheaply.