Miquelrius Peace & Love Backpack | Pink Hippie Style School Knapsack

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Miquelrius Peac & Love Backpack

Miquelrius Peac & Love BackpackMiquelrius’ created a backpack for girls with flowers in their hair with this Peace & Love Bag.

This modern backpack pays tribute to the swinging sixties with its peace sign decoration. Delicate flowers and butterflies create the iconic symbol that decorates this backpack’s large front compartment. The peace sign is embroidered, rather than screen printed on, which makes it appear a bit richer than the Peace & Love’s price might suggest.

The handy front pocket complements the even larger one behind it. The two sections help students keep their school supplies organized. I wish the more spacious one was completely padded, rather than just padded on the back. This would have made the bag much more practical for students carrying their laptops. However I suppose some padding is better than nothing, and honestly better than we might expect at just $49.99!

This backpack is pretty basic, but its eye-catching design should be enough to endear it to young girly girls. Its styling isn’t likely to endure much past a year or two, especially considering how hard students are on their accessories, but at this price it won’t cost too much to replace.

More Features of This Miquelrius Embroidered Backpack

  • A top strap handle for hanging
  • Polyester lined interior
  • Measures 16.5 x 12.6 x 4.3 inches