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Mellow World Mini Pearls Handbag

Mellow World Mini Pearls HandbagMellow World takes the edge off the studded trend with this Mini Pearls handbag.

Rather than metal studs, this handbag is decorated with elegant pearl-like domes in the same gentle gray as its leatherette body. They’re not quite as mini as the bag’s name suggests, and honestly I’d have preferred they were a bit more delicate. But they’re also much more ladylike than traditional studs would have been. I think that pale gray color makes this purse more sophisticated, but I know it’ll be too mellow for some tastes. Thankfully it’s also available in black, and a white bag with a rainbow of colored domes.

Whichever one you pick you’ll appreciate all the features Mellow World has packed inside. A large zippered envelope divides the interior compartment into three user-friendly sections. There’s a zippered pocket in one wall for valuables, and an assortment of slip pouches in the other for gadgets or sunglasses.

I could have done without the metal studs on the handle, but it’s not our only carrying option. If you prefer a more minimalist look just detach it and add the longer, plain shoulder strap.

This Mini Pearls bag is far less luxurious than a string of the oyster’s orbs, but at a mere $39.95 it represents real value.

More Features of This Mellow World Studded Shoulder Bag

  • Silver-toned hardware
  • Zip top closure
  • A single handle with an 8 inch drop
  • Measures 9.5 x 10 x 3 inches

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