Coach Designer Bags Ruling 2007 | Is Coach the Luxury Purse Brand for 2008?

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Coach LogoCoach bags have been popular for a good few years now with a highlight of 2006 being Denise Richards caught sporting a blue Coach tote bag with a fluffy sheepy trim.

During 2007 Coach bags have continued to see huge popularity with WWD announcing Coach as the number one designer brand of 2007 beating Louis Vuitton and Gucci.

We also saw Reed Krakoff spinning off Coach’s Legacy Collection in an effort to reclaim the fragile foothold as a luxury brand. Reed Krakoff isn’t the only brand imitating Coach with Marks & Spencer also creating a Coach-style handbag a couple of years back.

Coach Bag Highlights of 2007:

coach signature declared the stylish Legacy Signature Satchel as the Coach gift bag of 2007, unfortunately I wasn’t lucky enough to find one of these in my stocking this Christmas.

But if you thought of a handbag as a fashion accessory then Coach was thinking out of the box with the Ocelot Ponytail Scarf. This painted leopard styled scarf looked just as stylish in your hair as it did tied on to your purse.

We also saw Coach release a line of Breast Cancer products including an elegant, pink bridle watch, a charm-filled key fob, a crystal-studded lanyard and a pink leather heart handbag charm.

Is Coach a Luxury Designer Bag Brand?

Coach Legacy Crocodile BagCoach still struggles to identify itself as a true designer brand. With an average price tag around the $400 mark Coach is often considered an entry-level designer bag.

However, Coach frequently finds itself stuck somewhere between being an expensive regular high-street label and being a high end fashion company like Chanel or Lanvin.

The high end fashion retailers only produce a small number of each product line whereas a lower level high-street retailer will create many of the same products. Coach creates quite a large number of each product but charges designer prices – although most of them modestly priced.

Do you consider Coach a luxury designer brand or just a stepping stone into the designer world? was not impressed with the $10,000 Coach Legacy Alligator handbag, one of the most expensive Coach bags of 2007.

New Coach Handbags 2008

Do you have your eye on any of the newly emerging Coach purses of 2008?

We’ve already seen the sophistically shaped Coach Legacy Envelope purse as shown on and the Coach Bleecker Large Leather Flap bag spotlighted on Luxist.

I’m personally still hooked on the Coach Signature Hampton’s Hobo style purse.

What do you have your heart set on this year?