Yves Saint Laurent Releases Limited Edition Fur Muse Two LE Bag in Paris

Posted on: May 22

Summer doesn't seem the right time to release a fur handbag, but when you're as big as Yves Saint Laurent you get to break some rules. The European fashion house has done that with the limited edition launch of its Muse Two LE bag.

When I say limited edition, I mean limited edition. Just 55 of these lush purses were made to sell at Yves Saint Laurent's boutique in Colette, Paris.

It may not be politically correct to gush over a genuine fur bag, but this is a beautiful example. It's made from impala fur, and is simply sumptuous. I wouldn't carry one myself, but I can understand those who decide to let their love of luxury override their ethics. I'm also glad that with YSL opting to make just 55 of the handbags rather than mass produce them, fewer impalas will meet a grisly end for the sake of fashion!

If you want to be one of the lucky owners, visit the Colette YSL store with €1,895 quick smart!

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