XOXO Waterside Tote | Affordable Multi-Color Canvas Carryall Book Bag

Posted on: Nov 3

With a splash of rainbow color comes the Waterside Tote from XOXO.

This large carryall is anything but subtle. The vibrant color stripes help to spell out the XOXO name. If people don't guess you're carrying an XOXO handbag by the bright design, all those logos will definitely give away the game! Some feel all that obvious branding is a little obnoxious, but I'm sure die-hard fans will disagree. XOXO has never been a label to hide its heritage after all!

The price is an affordable $54 thanks to the practical canvas finish and synthetic leather trim. The canvas may not be as luxurious as leather, but it's strong enough to last a few seasons. The synthetic may be another matter though. I wouldn't be surprised to see telltale cracks show before too long.

The generous size makes this tote ideal for carrying books to class or swimwear to the beach in warmer weather. There are several pockets inside, complementing the roomy fabric lined space. With places for your spare change, cell phone, and PDA it's easy to keep this sizable space organized.

The combination of rainbow colors and white trim gives the Waterside tote an upbeat summery vibe, but if you're game you could definitely use it to brighten up a gloomy winter's day!

More Features of This XOXO Colored Tote

  • A metal logo plate with pink lacquered details
  • Silver-tone studs
  • A cell phone, PDA, and zip pocket inside
  • A single shoulder strap with a 10 inch drop
  • Measures 15 x 13.5 x 4 inches

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