Whiting & Davis Gatopardo Cross-Body Bag | Modern Metal Mesh Animal Print Purse

Posted on: Nov 11

Whiting & Davis Gatopardo Cross-Body BagWhiting & Davis walks on the wild side with this bold Gatopardo cross-body bag.

The Gatopardo features the label's signature metal mesh, but its animal print gives it a more modern feel. Animal prints are classic, but I'm not always a fan. Done wrong they can look downright trashy. But Whiting & Davis gets it right here. The spots have an abstract quality, almost like they've been melted, which makes them more edgy and interesting.

The Gatopardo isn't entirely a success though. The fringing along the bottom seems frankly unnecessary. The design would have looked much cleaner and more compelling without it. Remember Whiting & Davis, less is so often more.

The dimensions are just right; we can fit everything we really need inside it but we're not tempted to load ourselves up. The choice of carrying options is also impressive. We can use it like a clutch or attach the strap, which works for over the shoulder wear or cross-body carrying once it's extended. The only disappointment is the lack of pockets. The single slip is probably all it takes to stay organized, but I still feel shortchanged.

It's hard to get too critical for the price though. $135 isn't a lot to spend on a purse with so much sass.

More Features of This Whiting & Davis Animal Print Cross-Body Bag

  • Zip closure under flap
  • Logo printed polyester lining
  • A detachable twisted link chain with a 12 to 25 inch drop
  • Measures 8.5 x 6.5 inches

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