Whiting & Davis Dimple Mesh Framed Clutch | Sophisticated Pewter Metal Evening Purse

Posted on: Mar 9

Whiting & Davis Dimple Mesh ClutchAfter seeing so many of Whiting & Davis' envelope-pushing metal mesh purse, it's refreshing to see the label getting back to basics with this Dimple Mesh framed clutch.

Not that this purse doesn't break a few rules. Rather than using classic flat metal discs, Whiting & Davis opts for tiny round dimpled plates. They're unique yet unobtrusive, giving this purse volume and individuality without sacrificing its classic style. The crystal encrusted round clasp is like the cherry on top of this very stylish clutch.

Inside it's all pretty stock standard, but Whiting & Davis still delivers all I'd hoped for. There's a handy chain tucked away, ready to make an entrance when you need to go hands-free, and a tiny slip pouch. These pockets are never very functional – a zippered one would have served us better – but it's also just what we expect.

At $135 the price is right for this Whiting & Davis Dimple Mesh clutch. That's not small change, especially for an after five accessory, but its timeless good looks should give you confidence in this investment.

More Features of This Whiting & Davis Mesh Clutch

  • Metal frame
  • Signature logo polyester lining
  • A basket weave chain strap with a 6 inch drop
  • Measures 2.5 x 6.8 x 3.5 inches

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