Whiting & Davis Cross-Body Dance Bag | Shimmery Mesh Zippered Pouch with Optional Straps

Posted on: Sep 25

This is one Whiting & Davis handbag that doesn't make me automatically think of a bygone era. Well, that's not entirely true, I suppose, since it does have a certain '70s disco vibe going on with it. However, in comparison to some of the brand's truly vintage-inspired designs, this Cross-Body Dance Bag certainly stands apart.

The material is nothing new for Whiting & Davis, though. Brass mesh is definitely its fabric of choice when crafting handbag designs. I, for one, am completely supportive of the unique style it gives their bags, but I'm just not sure if this one in particular hits the mark for me.

There's something almost overly simple about the Cross-Body Dance, but that might be what will throw others off about it as well. I'm spoiled by Whiting & Davis' interesting screenprints and abstract shapes, as we've seen on the Ribbon hobo or the Chevron Jelly Roll clutch. This one just seems a little plain when compared to those.  

It certainly can't be accused of having a lack of shimmer or color, though. It might be one solid shade, but the shiny mesh practically lights up the purple, magenta, red, or midnight blue options.

The long, skinny cross-body strap is removable, allowing you to carry the Dance Bag as a clutch if you wish. I guess that would work if you're wanting a more formal look as opposed to the somewhat casual cross-body style. However, the perfectly square shape makes it a little awkward to carry in one hand. I'd stick with using this Whiting & Davis handbag for less dressy events where a slinky cross-body is considered appropriate.

More Features of the Cross-Body Dance Bag 

  • Measures 5.5 x 5.5 x 0.5 inches
  • Removable skinny strap with 25.5 inch drop
  • Zipper closure
  • Lined interior

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  1. doris Says:

    Hi; I have several of the W&D bags. However, I have one that the metal mess has come off in one place of the bag. How can I have this repaired. I understand that your bags are garanteed. Please Help, I love your bags.


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