Galian Vintage Style Woven Suede Handbag | Cinnamon Colored Hobo Tote

Posted on: Jul 2

Casual is the theme of today. I'm talking spacious bags with tons of rustic charm. Soft luxurious fabrics and simple but effective designs.

The pick of today? This supple and vintage-style leather tote. It is great because the suede is not only sexy and deliberately distressed, but quite unique. In particular, the woven front design really adds an air of something special.

Of course, this cinnamon tote is more than just a little bit country and western. It is the tassels that do it, bringing to mind cowboys and hay-bales. Thankfully this would look as at home carrying your belongings through a city as it would in the great outdoors. A multitasker, most definitely!

The interior of this suede hobo isn't quite as classy as the lovely chestnut exterior. In a too-shiny deep brown, it is good that you can't see it at first glance. That said, as long as it holds your purse and cell then the interior is doing it's job.

Work the vintage theme with this casual woven tote, a great hold-all for action packed lives.

More Features of this Vintage Hobo

  • Two soft handles, with drop of 5"
  • Zipped and tasseled exterior pocket
  • Magnetic snap closure
  • Handwoven front design

Get this Galian Cinnamon-Colored Tote:

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