Vintage Recast Customizes Clutches | Chantelle Clough’s Unique Evening Purses

Posted on: Nov 9

Vintage Recast Clutch

Law graduate Chantelle Clough rejects the modern notion of "fast fashion" with her unique evening purses.

During her time at Durham University she attended many formal events, and found the small range of evening bags frustrating. Soon she began to notice that most people were carrying the same cheap clutch purses. But not Clough, who set about creating her own.

Clough took basic bags and added vintage accessories to complement her outfits. Soon the accolades from fellow students began to roll in and the idea for her business, Vintage Recast, was born.

Vintage Recast's online store features simple clutch purses accented with vintage brooches. She sources the accents from a variety of locations, and does her research about their origins.

"Some of the vintage brooches may have been mass produced in their era, but as the brooch is incredibly old they have not all survived to this day," she explained.

While Vintage Recast's collection is extensive, Clough also offers a bespoke service. Through this initiative customers can be assured their new purse matches their favorite outfit.

Clough has earned the attention of some fashion heavy hitters including Grazia, Rubbish Magazine, and Cosmpolitan. While the business is growing from strength to strength, Clough says she will commence training as a solicitor in the New Year. However she's still committed Vintage Recast, which will continue to thrive as she studies.

[Source: Vintage Recast website]

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