VBH Origami Envelope Cross-Body Bag | Leopard Print Mink Fur Purse

Posted on: Oct 22

VBH Origami Cross-Body BagIt's not going to win any fans at PETA, but this VBH Original envelope bag makes a big impression.

This purse is crafted from mink dyed to resemble leopard fur. I suppose that's better than hunting the real big cats, but only just. It's a beautiful fur, and I'm sure it'd turn an ordinary winter outfit into an outstanding one. But part of me thinks this purse might have been even better if VBH had chosen a different material. I imagine leather would have made the envelope folds even crisper, more origami like in fact. PETA doesn't like leather any better of course, but it's always a more palatable choice than fur.

I might be on the fence about the materials, but I can certainly appreciate VBH's craftsmanship. This purse is entirely handmade and that attention to detail really shines through.

That's also no doubt what's driven the price up to a whopping $3450. That's a whole lot to spend on any purse, especially if it works against your personal ethics. I can appreciate this purse, but I'm definitely not buying it.

More Features of This VBH Mink Purse

  • Oxidized hardware
  • A multi-chain cross-body strap
  • An interior plaque with its name and limited edition number
  • Measures 8 x 1 inches
  • Made in Italy

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