Vanessa Bruno Tresse Sac | Black Woven Leather Satchel

Posted on: Feb 21

Vanessa Bruno Tresse SacWe've seen so many high end designers creating woven leather, and now Vanessa Bruno has thrown her hat into the ring with this Tressje Sac.

Unfortunately for Vanessa Bruno, we're always going to compare her work to woven leather masters like Bottega Veneta. And while this bag shows ingenuity, it sadly comes off looking second best. The weave is interesting, but also overcomplicated. The geometric pattern seems too busy, and it's so overworked that we can barely appreciate the leather's quality. The belted top only further muddies the design for me.

It's a shame the looks let it down, because the Tresse Sac is a smartly designed bag. I barely noticed the front and back pockets hidden amongst all those woven leather. There are more when we look inside: a large zippered one and a pair of smaller pouches for handling personal technology. The straps are a shade too short for really comfortable over-the-shoulder carrying, but you could probably manage it.

I'm sure there are girls out there who will appreciate Vanessa Bruno's bold approach to woven leather, especially at $978. That's not exactly small change, but it's a fraction of the price Bottega Veneta would charge for a similar bag. I still think I'll save my pennies for the high end designer though.

More Features of This Vanessa Bruno Woven Leather Satchel

  • Made in lambskin
  • Antique gold metal hardware
  • Top zip closure
  • Nylon-cotton blend lining
  • Dual handles with a 6 inch drop
  • Measures 17 x 11 x 7 inches

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