Bottega Veneta Roma Leather Tote | Covetable Classic Forest Green Woven Leather Handbag

Posted on: Sep 10

In order for a bag to become a status symbol, it has to be classic and elegant enough that a lot of different women will want to carry it. It has to be crafted of the finest quality materials. And it has to possess that magical je ne sais quois that makes an ordinary object seem extraordinary. I think the Roma has all these characteristics, and it's just matter of time before it becomes the It bag of every woman's dreams.

The intricate woven pattern on the forest green leather is tight enough that it doesn't have any of the artsy-craftsy appearance that a lot of woven bags get. Instead, it looks impeccably tailored, just waiting to dangle from the arm of an Upper East Side socialite.

The Roma has a classic shape that is emboldened by the gold hardware details. The fold-over clasp has a finely wrought clasp that is beautiful and makes the bag secure. The only really drawback I see is that this little bit of leather is the only closure on the bag. This makes it easy to get into for, but also for potential thieves, if you have to worry about such things.

At $3,080, the Roma tote is well-priced for a status bag, so snap it up quick before its popularity and its price tag soar.

More Features Of The Bottega Veneta Roma Leather Tote

  • 14" x 10" x 8" size
  • 7" strap
  • Fully lined in purple¬† suede

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