Valentino Laser-Cut Patent Leather Shoulder Bag | Pretty Pink Floral Purse

Posted on: Oct 21

Valentino Laser-Cut Shoulder BagValentino has done it again with this Laser-Cut Patent Leather Shoulder Bag. Done what exactly? Why made me positively giddy!

I'm sure this must be love. What other explanation is there for wanting to own a purse despite knowing it's all wrong for you? It's too small to hold much of anything, so it fails on a practical level. At $575 it's also far too expensive. We don't get a lot of bag for that money, and as we discussed before, what we do have won't hold much. $575 is ridiculous for a bag so unworkable.

And yet, I'm still looking at it, longingly. I'm drooling over the intricate laser-cut flowers, and the gentle dusty rose hue. I'm admiring the way the soft pink lining peeks through the holes the cut-out makes, adding another dimension to the purse. I'm swooning over the gorgeous golden chain strap, and panting at the unique dual compartment design.

Perhaps it's time to put my credit card on ice. I'm just not sure I can rely on my own willpower right now. I know this small shoulder bag is all wrong for me, yet it still looks oh so right.

More Features of This Valentino Laser-Cut Shoulder Bag

  • Fold-over lock fasteners
  • A chain strap with a 25 inch drop
  • Measures 5 x 4 inches

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