Valentino Floral Leather Bag | Stunning Intricately Embroidered Black Leather Tote

Posted on: Sep 7

The Valentino line has been a little disappointing for me lately. Particularly because I have been such a fan of it in the past, and watching what I see as its decline has been terribly depressing. But this floral leather bag gives me hope for the future of Valentino's accessories.

The soft black leather of this bag has been intricately embroidered with a floral pattern that is awe-inspiring. The embroidered portion makes up the front pocket of the bag, which makes it seem even more dimensional, and the smooth leather of the rest of the bag and the shiny gold hardware provide a fabulous textural contrast.

The shape of the bag is somewhat unusual. It's almost a tote, but with a decidedly more structured design. Besides the hardware and the floral embroidery, the only flourish is the braided leather handles and zipper pulls, which complement the overall texture of the bag, and are a very subtle addition.

This is a fabulously detailed, well-crafted, and very elegant way to pull off this season's obsession with florals, and one that will last well past the flightiness of fashion. The $2,875 is a bit off-putting considering the current economic climate though, so I'll be waiting for a less expensive designer imposter.

More Features Of The Valentino Floral Leather Bag

  • 15" x 11" x 5" size
  • 9" strap drop
  • Lined in black satin
  • Interior pouch and zipper pockets

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