Tylie Malibu Prana Tote | Oversized Over Decorated Tribal Fabric Handbag

Posted on: Jun 27

Tylie Malibu Prana ToteTylie Malibu gives us a lot for our dollar with the Prana tote. But is it too much?

Honestly, I think so. There's so much going on here that I can barely take it all in. It's made with a range of different fabrics, each with a vibrantly colored tribal print. These clashing swatches would have certainly been enough on their own, but Tylie Malibu adds another layer with embroidery. Tiny pom poms and shiny silver coins are the final straw in a very intricate purse. I suppose I should appreciate the attention to detail, but instead I find my eyes hurting.

Thankfully they get a rest inside, where we find a plain brown microfiber lining. This space is enormous, which should please the girls who fancy the Prana becoming their new beach bag or gym tote. However I only wish Tylie Malibu had given us enough pockets to keep this space organized.

I always balk at spending more than $100 on a fabric tote, so at $265 this one well and truly breaks my rule. Tylie Malibu's probably added enough details to justify this high price tag, but perhaps it would have been better learning that less is often more.

More Features of This Tylie Malibu Oversized Tote

  • Magnetic closure
  • Dual handles with a 12 inch drop
  • Measures 14 x 27 x 7 inches
  • Made in China

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