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Posted on: Feb 4

Turtle Shaped Novelty Leather WristletTurtles. Is there anything better for cheering you up on a long and miserable Friday afternoon?

OK, so turtles aren't a particularly well known anti-depressant, but I think they should be. After all, who could deny the fact that there is something wildly happy about this silly little wristlet? It may not be serious (or even particularly functional!), but one glance at that cute little face and beautiful emerald green color, and you're feeling as right as rain.

That color does make this bag a little more likely to be purchased and, dare I suggest it, actually used. The richness is thanks to the real leather, a tanned cowhide that holds its shape well and makes this purse surprisingly durable.

It is perhaps more of an addition to an existing bag (as a coin purse, perhaps?) than a handbag in its own right, but this turtle wristlet is lovely!

More Features of this Green Leather Wristlet

  • Also available in brown
  • Tanned cowhide exterior
  • Detachable wrist strap
  • Zip closure

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